Rear Wiper Blades

Along with lighting, the humble wiper blade is one of the most crucial safety elements from the motorist’s perspective. Being able to clearly see in adverse weather, both in front and what’s behind,  is a major contribution to road safety and with its VISIONPRO wiper blade programme, ELTA Automotive Ltd, provides the complete replacement solution.

As part of the company’s VISIONPRO – driving vision orientated – portfolio, the wiper range naturally encompasses conventional, flat and hybrid blades and therefore addresses the need from the trade to be able to offer their customers both a direct replacement or upgrade option. However, it also includes a comprehensive range of rear blades, which can often be the missing link in many wiper blade programmes.

Rear Wiper Blades

As would be expected, VISIONPRO rear wiper blades are manufactured to exacting standards and feature premium quality materials and natural, graphite-coated rubber to provide strength, durability and resilience against the elements, as well as smooth, streak-free performance, straight from the box.

VISIONPRO rear blades are application specific and provide a direct replacement for the original blade, which is one of the compromises with many offerings. The range includes conventional and flat blades in sizes from 7” -18”, with complete rear arm and blade assemblies, where the application requires.

The flat blade range naturally incorporates the same beam technology used in the company’s front flat blades, delivering a low-profile design, combined with exceptional performance.

Rear Blades With Arm

Rear arm assemblies are, unfortunately, an easy target for vandals, who bend or pull them off completely. The VISIONPRO range however, provides the answer, as the 135 direct fit replacements represents one of the most complete offerings available in the aftermarket.

Rear Wiper blade with Arm

VisionPRO Wiper Catalogue with Application Guide

To support the entire VISIONPRO wiper programme, ELTA has produced a comprehensive printed catalogue, which sets new standards, with the depth of its product information and detailed application guide, making selection and installation an easy task.

In addition, as ELTA is a certified data provider to AutoCat+, Aldoc and TecAlliance (TecDoc), users of these systems will also find accurate and up-to-date application information 24/7, which provides them with further reassurance and added value benefits.