A New Look For The Industry’s Original Lighting Brand

Boost Your Winter Sales With A New Look From the UK’s Original Vehicle Lighting Brand

When selling online or in a retail environment brand recognition is everything. Recognition leads to a level of trust in a brand, and it is this that breaks down many of the obstacles that a customer must overcome in order to make the purchase decision.

When customers recognise a brand they trust easier and leapfrog up the ladder of loyalty. This is why established brands perform so well in digital and physical retail environments. Customers are faced with a sea of choice but they are more likely to opt for a brand that they recognise if it sits at a price that they are prepared to pay.

Without doubt this is exactly why the Lucas brand performs so well for retail businesses.

Established in 1872, the same year that the first petrol engine was patented; Lucas has had a profound impact throughout the history of vehicle lighting. It has been an integral part of our automotive industry, and for decades it supplied original equipment components to almost all vehicles produced in the UK.

Today the Lucas brand is a champion of the aftermarket, offering a significantly lower price than its OE counterparts yet retaining recognition for its OE heritage. In fact a recent poll by the brand’s owners showed Lucas brand recognition was on a level with some of the biggest OE names in the world.

Now with a fresh new image, fitting for such an iconic brand; The Lucas Vision range is set to light up the aftermarket!

All New Lucas Retail Bulb Range

The iconic green Lucas brand boasts enviable levels of recognition and with striking new retail packaging, Lucas bulbs look better than ever!  

Finger shredding plastic clamshells have been replaced with user and environmentally friendly cardboard encasing a protective plastic blister.

  • A Range Tuned For Retail Performance
  • Attention Grabbing Branding
  • Tactile Yet Durable Packaging
  • The Only 29 References That You Need
  • Maximise Sales And Margin With 
  • An Iconic Recognised Brand
  • Perfect For Garage Forecourts, 
  • Retail and Trade Counters
  • Bespoke Merchandising On Request

New Lucas Clam Packed Bulbs

New Lucas WiperBlades Ranges

All New Lucas Wiper Blades Are Better In Every Way!

Engineered to meet the demands of the automotive aftermarket; The latest generation of Lucas wiper blades are our best ever. Lucas AirFLEX flat blades and ECO conventional blades are built to perform in every way.

All New Lucas AirFLEX Wiper Blades

+ MultiFIT System
The perfect solution for businesses looking to stock a full coverage range from a much smaller stock investment.

+ 99.9% Coverage
The all new and improved Lucas MultiFIT adaptor system is now compatible with 99.9% of vehicles on the road.

+ Aerodynamic Spoiler
The new and improved spoiler design is offset for increased downforce, meaning better performance and eliminating lift off at higher speeds. Simply reverse the MultiFIT adapter for left hand drive applications.

+ Ultra Quiet Operation
Smoother and quieter performance straight out of the box thanks to the sleek new design and graphite coated natural rubber.

+ All Weather Performance
New natural rubber compound stands up to the highs and lows of the temperature fluctuations whilst the new AirFLEX design defies even the strongest of winds.

+ Easy Fit With Video Instructions
Say good-bye to confusing fitting guides. New online video fitting guides can be accessed via the QR coded box, giving clear, concise demonstrations of fitting procedures

All New Lucas ECO Conventional Wiper Blades

In the search for a low priced wiper range to meet demand from drivers on a budget, many motor factors and retailers resort to generic or unrecognised brands in order to achieve the required market price point. But what if you could offer a budget wiper blade from a brand that drivers recognise and trust?

Introducing the new Lucas ECO Wiper Blade range. Big brand conventional wiper blades with a small price tag!

+ Quality All Metal Construction
Unlike many budget blades, there's no plastic bridges or rivets used in this blade. All metal construction ensures longevity, reliability and all important customer satisfaction.

+ Ultra Quiet Operation
Smoother and quieter performance straight out of the box thanks to the precision engineered frame and graphite coated natural rubber.

+ All Weather Performance
New natural rubber compound stands up to the highs and lows of temperature fluctuations whilst the all metal construction endures the harshest of weather conditions.

All of this at incredible prices, why choose any other blade?

New Lucas LightBOOSTER Range Coming Soon!

Now with up to 150% more light and stunning new retail packaging, the new generation of Lucas LightBOOSTER upgrade bulbs is set to light up the aftermarket.

Boost Business, Upgrade Your Sales

A Range Tuned For Retail Performance

Tactile Yet Durable Card Outer with Protective Plastic Inner Clam

The Only References That Customers Need

Maximise Sales And Margin With An Iconic Recognised Brand

Seriously Competitive Pricing

Bespoke Merchandising On Request

The new range will include the most common halogen bulbs alongside new and in-demand references including H11, H15 and HiR2. Plus, a complete range of HID upgrades including D1S, D2S, D3S and D4S!

New Lucas LightBooster

ZMB312 Coming Soon: The Iconic Lucas Bulb Display Has Evolved!

With a new heavy-duty plastic construction and modular design this new generation stand is set to light up the aftermarket!

Instant Stock and Display Solution

All the bulbs you need, exactly where you need them. Stand includes 200 of the industry’s top 17 automotive bulbs.

Completely New Design

A modern new look, now engineered from solid plastic and colour matched in iconic Lucas green.

Built to Perform

A simple yet clever modular system allows a Euro-hook hanging rail to slot into place below the boxed bulbs. Utilise this to cross-sell Lucas wiper blades or boost your sales by up-selling the Lucas LightBooster halogen upgrade bulb range.

A New Vision…

With over 140 years of innovation and development, Lucas have been continuously trading longer than any other automotive component brand in the world. Lucas is recognised and trusted by consumers all over the world.

ELTA Automotive have supplied Lucas bulbs since the 1990s, becoming the official Lucas Vision licensee in 2004. Since then the brand has grown from strength to strength in the aftermarket and Lucas bulbs and wiper blades are now the first choice for many automotive aftermarket professionals throughout the globe. However, until recently much of this success remained in traditional trade based supply chains.

Seeing the huge untapped potential for the Lucas brand in customer facing environments, ELTA have completely revamped the Lucas retail bulb and blade offering. With improvements made to range coverage, core product and packaging, there has never been a better time to boost your business with Lucas bulbs and blades.

• An unrivalled heritage of over 140 Years
• High levels of brand recognition and trust
• Potential to convert more sales
• Potential to increase profit margin
• Premium quality products
• New attention grabbing packaging
• Outstanding parc vehicle coverage

For full range information and pricing contact the ELTA sales team on +44 (0)1675 466 999 or email sales@elta.co.uk