A1 Goes PRO!

ELTA A1MS Approved

Following the introduction of its PRObrands in April 2018, ELTA Automotive Ltd has gained a significant foothold throughout the aftermarket for its matching original equipment (OE) products. Having also been approved by the A1 Motor Stores group, for both its motor factor and high street retail outlets, the VISIONPROand VXPROranges are proving to be extremely popular with members.

“The product groups within the PRObrand programmes naturally reflect the core specialisms developed by ELTA during our first 25 years,” said MD, Ian Hallam, “and this clearly added further credibility and confidence in the offering to the decision makers on A1’s approvals committee.

“Our natural sense of expectation when we embark on a new business relationship was further heightened during the recent A1 trade show, where we were inundated with enquires, making it one of the best events we’ve been involved with. We therefore anticipate an extremely bright future together.”

The VISIONPROrange, whichencompasses driving vision related products, majors on driver safety and includes bulbs, mirrors, warning and safety lighting and wiper blades; whereas the VXPROrange of vehicle sense and control electronics delivers an unrivalled collection of engine management, ignition, drive, fuelling and vehicle control components.

The pace and number of subsequent introductions into both ranges since the launch, is testament to the appetite within the market for PRObrand products, which have been designed and engineered to meet the specific demands of aftermarket professionals for OE matching performance, backed up with excellent availability and pitched at sensible prices.

Alongside a full range of update bulbs under the VISIONPRObanner, ELTA has proactively investigated numerous references that are poised to become far more prominent in the aftermarket and compiled a ‘trailblazer’ series of references. These allow members to add the correct bulbs to their stock, to ensure they maximise the opportunity these new bulbs will provide, without the risk of taking on unnecessary parts numbers.

Utilising its stock management expertise, ELTA has put in the groundwork and produced a 24-part guide that features the up and coming bulbs, based on the UK vehicle parc, to ensure members are equipped with the correct bulbs to reflect the parts pareto.

When it comes to VXPRO, the new additions include fuel vaporisers, lambda sensors, fuel pumps and heater regulators, as well as a range of brake shields.

Each of these product groups incorporate practical benefits or address potential opportunities that help to make members’ lives easier, such as the lambda sensor range, which retains the matching sensor/connector combination, but comes with a cable equal to or slightly longer than the OE part, although never with more than 300mm excess length. This has allowed the ELTA team to consolidate the range to maintain the same vehicle coverage, from a fifth of the part numbers.

When it comes tofuel vaporisers, the addition comes because many Ford DPF issues stem directly from the failure of this part. As such, the demand for the component is on an upward trend that is predicted to continue over the coming years.

All VXPROproducts are tested to ensure they operate within the manufacturer’s original parameters, therefore guaranteeing that there will be no change to the vehicle’s original performance following the installation of the part.

In addition, the range also features QR codes on the packaging, enabling installers to access a quick link to product specific fitting and technical advice, without having to open the box.