Braking Misconceptions

When replacing brake pads, discs or shoes it can be easier and certainly cheaper to overlook some of the finer details such as fitting kits, disc shields and wear indicators. But these extras which technicians often misconceive as optional or irrelevant can have a significant impact on the longevity and performance of the newly replaced parts. The extended range of VXPRO braking parts delivers these components at better value to make the upsell much more appealing to fitters and drivers. To reinforce the message ELTA VXPRO discuss the real life benefits of each part.

Brake Pad Fitting Kits

The primary components in most brake fitting kits are the springs whether they are traditional coil springs used in drums or flat springs to hold pads in place; their fundamental function is to create tension.
But in just 2 years a typical drum spring will have lost 30% of its tension when new and a brake pad spring will have lost at least 50% of its tension!
The results of which range from annoying brake noise to a more significant reduction in braking stability, excessive pad wear and premature disc damage due to uneven braking.
Replacing drum springs will help to prevent poor handbrake performance and stop shoes dragging on the drum.

ELTA VXPRO Brake Shields

Brake Disc Splash Shields

Another braking part often ignored by technicians and in some cases even removed on the misconception that without them brake cooling can be improved.
But brake shields actually protect the brake discs, pads and hoses from being bombarded by dirt, dust and contamination from both the road and the friction material that is produced as the pads and discs wear from their use.
They also contribute to the protection of hot discs, by reducing the amount of sudden cold water that can splash them and cause them to warp or crack. This also protects electronic components such as ABS and brake sensors from heat and debris.

It is not only braking components that benefit; When it comes to steering & suspension, without the brake shield these components would become covered with brake dust, which is a significant cause of corrosion. Rubber parts such as bushes and protective gaiters, can also suffer as they are prone to drying and cracking, generally because of excess heat.

Brake Wear Sensors

Brake Pad Wear Indicators

The brake pad wear indicator is a simple component that plays a critical role in vehicle safety. Once the brake pad reaches a minimum depth/maximum wear point the indicator touches the disc or a circuit is broken, and a dash light is illuminated. Once triggered the wear indicator is destroyed and should be replaced. However, in many cases the indicator can simply be removed and as no contact is being made the light will not appear. The dangers of this practise are clear. Without the indicator lead the driver will be unaware when brake pads are critical and if they fail when called upon, the results could be unthinkable. The wear indicator also protects brake discs from damage caused by worn pads.

Complete job. Full stop.

As relatively inexpensive parts that play a vital safety role and serve to prolong the life of more costly components, ELTA recommend that vehicle technicians replace fitting kits and wear indicators (where applicable) with every pad or shoe and that splash shields are replaced at the first sign of damage or corrosion.

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