Power Steering Sensors not only monitor oil levels in the power steering system, they can also relay information about the demand on the power steering system to the ECU, which can then manage engine speed during slower manoeuvres.

ELTA deliver a range of Power Steering Sensors as part of the VXPRO and Xevo brand programmes.

Vehicle Performance Guarantee

All VXPRO and Xevo branded components are tested to ensure operation within the manufacturer’s original parameters, guaranteeing that there will be no change to the vehicles original performance.

OE Matching Performance

VXPRO and Xevo components deliver original equipment matching performance combined with added value from sensible pricing and additional support services from ELTA Automotive.

TechASSIST Support

ELTA’s TechASSIST program is available for VXPRO and Xevo retailers and distributors looking to increase their product knowledge and improve their levels of customer support. ELTA are proud to support independent businesses for a better aftermarket.

Power Steering Sensors