ELTA announce opportunities for key strategic partners around the globe

ELTA Automotive are actively looking for key strategic partners throughout the world to distribute the company's extensive range of automotive components to the aftermarket.

ELTA delivers a portfolio of brands designed and engineered to meet all price points within the automotive aftermarket including the iconic Lucas brand, VisionPRO, VXPRO, Xevo and Qlux.

The BrandASSIST programme from ELTA also creates and manages brands for some of the biggest names in the industry. Whilst our StockASSIST and TechASSIST programmes provide unrivalled support for our business partners.

ELTA Automotive are a certified data provider to AutoCat+, Aldoc and TecDoc; providing data for all ELTA brands 24/7 throughout the world.

Our ranges are :

Full Engine Management Programme including: Air Mass Meters, Cam/Crank Sensors, EGR Valves, Lambda Sensors, Throttle Bodies, EGTS, MAP Sensors, Knock Sensors, Fuel Pumps and more. Plus additional supporting ranges including: ABS Sensors, Brake Wear Sensors, Heater Blower Motor Resistors/Speed Controllers and a host of other vehicle management switches and sensors that make the ELTA offering a truly unique opportunity.

Ignition Programme including: Pencil Coils, Rail Coils, Block Coils, Traditional Ignition, Wet Coils, HT Leads and more

Full Bulb Programme including: 6v, 12v & 24v Standard Bulbs, Halogen Bulbs, Xenon HID Bulbs, Upgrade Bulbs, Tacho Bulbs, LED Bulbs and Bulb Kits

Full Wiper Blade Programme including : Conventional Blades, Flat Blades, Hybrid Blades, Rear Blades, Spoiler Blades, Wash Wipe Kits and Commercial Blades

Switchgear and Classic Programme including: Relays, Flasher Units, Ignition Switches, Column Switches, Solenoids, Battery Isolators Panel Switches, Classic Lighting and other Classic Electrical Products

Window Lift Regulators: Cable Systems, Scissor Systems, Bowden Systems, Double Bowden, With Motor, Without Motor, Motor Only and Manual Mechanisms.

More information can found throughout the website and in our company brochure below.

Are You Interested?

This is a unique opportunity to be part of ELTA Automotive's distributor network and boost your sales with a formidable range of premium quality, sensibly priced components.

If you would like to be considered as one of our key partners outside of the United Kingdom please contact our Sales Director, Mike Ballinger. Email mike.ballinger@elta.co.uk or call +44 (0)7984 925 715

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