ELTA ASSIST – PRO Brand Support

Despite the quality of the product or the depth of the range, without the correct support, a brand will never fulfil its potential.

ELTA is therefore very aware of the need to underpin its products with a comprehensive support structure that allows it to develop the overall product offering and help customers build their sales.

The ELTA ASSIST programme incorporates three distinct service functions that ably demonstrates its ‘supporting independent businesses, for a better aftermarket’ policy.

These elements, which relate to branding, stock control and technical expertise, are formulated by using the company’s extensive resources and market knowledge, further allowing its customers to overcome the current and future challenges of the industry.



ELTA understands the importance of a brand, whether it is created from ground-zero, like its PRO brand launch, or the management of an existing brand image.

The company’s in-house team of marketing professionals, brand managers and creative designers are available to help with own brand creation, brand development and marketing campaigns. This is in addition to bespoke promotions such as advertising, websites, offers etc.

In short, the ELTA marketing department can be viewed as an extension of its customers’ own team.



As vehicles become more complex, the number of products needed to cater for them increases, which means the stock keeping unit (SKU) requirement grows. It can then become very difficult for the motor factor to know what they should or should not stock.

This is made worst because a large proportion of their cash can be tied up in stock, so they need to know that the decisions they are making are the correct SKU investment.

This facility allows customers to decide the correct level of stock investment and how it should be allocated. Reviewed at regular intervals it can circumvent potential issues and used proactively it can be used to switch slow moving stock with those with greater demand.



Training and technical support is vital for the thousands of technicians tasked with servicing and repairing the nation’s increasingly complex vehicle parc.

It is therefore part of ELTA’s on-going vision to help to deliver the technical content required across the market to improve the skills and knowledge of the industry to be ready and able to address the current and future challenges.

Aimed at the motor factor/distributor, the modules are product training and business development focused, whereas for the workshop/technician, installation matters are naturally the prime concern.

So, on the product side, there is introductory training for both engine management and vehicle lighting, which is supplemented with stocking and selling programmes for engine management, vehicle lighting and wiper blades. The business development packages include garage workouts, technical sales support and automotive sales insight.

For technicians the training modules include: engine sense and control (ignition control), exhaust sense and control (emissions), airflow sense and control (induction systems) and vehicle lighting (canbus).

To further endorse the company’s reputation for facilitating insightful technical information, during Automechanika Birmingham, TECHASSIST Programme Manager, Alan Povey will be giving two technical presentations, which will be held in the ‘Technical Training Hub’ in the events ‘Garage Quarter’.

Designed to equip technicians with greater knowledge and understanding, ELTA will use its seminar spot to highlight the importance of comprehensive diagnosis before simply changing one of the ever-increasing number of sensors in the modern vehicle.

Although an incredibly important component, the air mass meter for example, has become the ‘first item on the list’ to resolve many a problem, when it is often merely a symptom and not the actual cause of the issue.

Using TECHASSIST technical expertise, Alan will demonstrate that drilling down to find the underlying fault is the key to the correct prognosis and as well as yielding better results, following a structured procedure will improve workshop efficiency by saving time and money.