ELTA VisionPRO boasts an extensive range of vehicle lighting and vision products developed specifically for the independent aftermarket. Striking a perfect balance of high quality and realistic pricing to create a formidable lighting and vision offering including bulbs, wiper blades and mirrors.

Launched as a direct response to the changing face of the aftermarket and positioned to provide the solution for the needs of the independent who is having to adapt and evolve to compete in this developing landscape, the VISIONPRO range give them the weapons they need in their armoury.

The offering is one of premium quality and positioned at a price point more reflective of the current market conditions, but which also meets their need for a broad range of products under a single, consistent brand image and sourced from a single supplier with a pedigree able to underpin its future growth.

ELTA Automotive stock in excess of 3.5 million bulbs in the UK alone. From the smallest tachograph bulb to powerful HID headlamps, the VisionPRO range is sure to have the bulb you need.
The range includes 6v, 12v & 24v bulbs for cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles and offers;

• Standard Bulbs
• Halogen Headlamp Bulbs
• Halogen Upgrade Bulbs
• Xenon HID Bulbs (Gas Discharge Lamps)
• Tacho and Panel Bulbs
• LED Bulbs
• Bulb Kits

VisionPRO bulbs cater for all packaging requirements and are available in single box, trade box (10s), clams and premium retail packaging for upgrade bulbs.

ELTA VisionPRO Automotive Bulbs

ELTA VisionPRO Upgrade Bulbs

The ELTA VisionPRO range of performance upgrade bulbs give drivers a concise but effective range of performance bulbs to improve vision, to change the look of their car or to stand out from the crowd.

VisionPRO performance upgrade bulbs are directly interchangeable with no wiring alterations required. All upgrade bulbs are ‘E’ approved, except for off road Sport/Rally bulbs.

By increasing the amount of light on the road ahead at the 75m mark, the driver is not only able to see further but will light roadside warning signs earlier and spot potential hazards sooner. The increased light and improved beam will also penetrate rain, fog and snow more effectively for a safer journey in the adverse conditions.

To see the full range, please visit the upgrade bulb page.

The VisionPRO wiper blade range has been designed and engineered to deliver exceptional performance in all conditions.

Using premium quality materials and the latest technological advancements VisionPRO wiper blades meet customer demand for performance, reliability, application coverage and value.

The range includes conventional, flat, hybrid and rear wiper blades for exceptional coverage of both new and older vehicles across left and right hand drive applications.

VisionPRO Wiper Blades use premium quality graphite coated rubber to ensure smooth quiet performance straight out of the box.

VisionPRO Conventional Wiper Blades

VisionPRO Conventional Wiper Blades provide a direct replacement for original conventional type blades. The VisionPRO range of conventional blades includes standard blades, spoiler blades, wash kit blades, bespoke adaptor blades and rear blades.

VisionPRO Conventional Wiper Blades are built to perform. The blades incorporate a high content of natural rubber combined with a synthetic additive to ensure long lasting performance. The VisionPRO blade design features a riveted bridge to ensure even tension and consistent contact with the windscreen for outstanding wiping performance in all weather conditions.

The VisionPRO Conventional range provides direct fitment for traditional pin, bayonet and hook type wiper arms.

VisionPRO Flat Wiper Blades

VisionPRO Flat Wiper Blades provide a replacement for original flat blades or an effective retrofit upgrade from traditional conventional wiper blades.

VisionPRO Flat Wiper Blades have been designed and engineered using advancements in flat beam technology to deliver a low profile design that performs as good as it looks.

The VisionPRO aerodynamic spoiler creates powerful down force, eliminating lift off to deliver exceptional performance at higher speeds.

ELTA VisionPRO Wiper Blades

ELTA VisionPRO Mirrors

The ELTA VisionPRO range of Mirrors offers a competitively priced quality programme to meet the demands of today’s modern motor factor. The range offers the motor factor a real alternative to the OE dealer.

The range covers approximately 90% of the UK vehicle parc and consists of complete units, mirror glass and covers. The range includes complete units, primed units, replacement glass, replacement covers and replacement mirror indicators, so whatever the damage the VisionPRO range has it covered.

Car or commercial, industrial or agricultural, on or off-road, the new and improved range of amber beacons from ELTA VisionPRO has it covered. Halogen, Xenon and LED beacons are available in DIN, flexi DIN, one bolt, three bolt and magnetic fittings for a multitude of applications.

A premium quality range of work lamps and strobe lamps are also available in the range, delivering a comprehensive warning and safety offering.

ELTA VisionPRO Upgrade Beacons