The ELTA VXPRO Sense and Control range delivers an unrivalled range of engine management, ignition, drive, fuelling and vehicle control components. The range has been designed and engineered to meet the specific demands of automotive aftermarket professionals for original equipment matching performance at sensible prices.

Up to 5 Year ‘No Quibble’ Warranty

VXPRO components are protected by a market leading warranty of up to five years (excluding labour.) This covers the majority of engine management components and all ignition and fuelling components as well as all window lift regulators for complete peace of mind and hassle-free returns.

Online Cataloguing

ELTA Automotive are a certified data provider to AutoCat+, Aldoc and TecDoc, ensuring accurate up-to-date application data for VXPRO components is available 24/7 throughout the world.

QR Coded Labelling

VXPRO components feature QR codes on the box label, providing a quick link to product specific fitting and technical advice before opening the box. 

Vehicle Performance Guarantee

All ELTA VXPRO components are tested to ensure operation within the manufacturer’s original parameters, guaranteeing that there will be no change to the vehicles original performance.

Original Equipment Matching Performance

VXPRO components deliver original equipment matching performance combined with added value from sensible pricing and additional support services from ELTA Automotive.

TechASSIST Support

ELTA’s TechASSIST program is available for VXPRO retailers and distributors looking to increase their product knowledge and improve their levels of customer support. ELTA are proud to support independent businesses for a better aftermarket.

ELTA VXPRO - Sense and Control

The ELTA VXPRO Engine Management range has been tuned to meet the demands of the independent automotive aftermarket. It delivers a full engine management programme from airflow sensors, through to engine and exhaust sensors to offer customers a complete range from a single source with consistent branding, trusted reliability, outstanding support and guaranteed performance. All components are manufactured to the highest standards and are 100% tested to ensure operation within the manufacturer’s original parameters before being sealed into magnetically shielded bags for complete protection.

Camshaft & Crankshaft Sensors

The comprehensive range of VXPRO Camshaft and Crankshaft Sensors (Also known as Engine Speed Sensors) includes over 520 parts, covering in excess of 11,800 applications for over 43 million vehicles on the road.

Knock Sensors

Catering for over 9,000,000 vehicles across 2350+ applications, the VXPRO range of 120 knock sensors is one of the most comprehensive in the market. 

Temperature and Pressure Sensors

The VXPRO range boosts a full range of oil pressure, oil temperature and coolant temperature sensors to keep engines running at optimum performance.


Air Mass Meters

The comprehensive range of ELTA VXPRO Air Mass Meters (also known as Mass Airflow Sensors) includes over 270 parts, covering in excess of 5100 applications for over 16 million vehicles on the road. All are manufactured to the highest standards to deliver premium quality and original equipment matching performance at outstanding value.

Throttle Bodies

Over 1300 applications and 3,650,000 vehicle covered by 70 part numbers, ensure that the VXPRO throttle body range is one of the best in its class.

Other Airflow Sensors

A supporting range of MAP sensors, air temperature sensors and idle air control valves completes the VXPRO airflow sensor range.

ELTA VXPRO - Air Mass Meters


Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valves

The VXPRO Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve range includes valves, coolers and solenoids to deliver a complete EGR package. It includes over 270 references, covering in excess of 4000 applications for over 15 million vehicles on the road.

Lambda(O2/Oxygen) Sensors

VXPRO offer a huge range of over 400 Lambda Sensors for more than 3750 applications and covering 12.6 million vehicles on the road.

Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors

The VXPRO range consists of over 100 part numbers for over 1200 applications for this increasingly in demand product range.

Fuel Vaporizers

The latest addition to VXPRO, the range includes 11 part numbers for over 60+ applications that cater for in excess of 840,00 Ford vehicles on the road.

ABS (Wheel Speed) Sensors

Every ELTA VXPRO ABS/Wheel Speed Sensor is engineered to exacting standards and rigorously tested before being sealed into magnetically shielded packaging. The range includes over 510 ABS Sensors, covering over 5750 applications and more that 19 million vehicles on the road.

Brake Pad Wear Sensors

VXPRO brake pad wear sensors are another safety critical product from ELTA. The sensors monitor brake pad conditions and alert the driver once they wear below a predetermined level. VXPRO offers over 75 types of brake pad wear sensor, catering for more than 3 million vehicles on the road.

Parking Sensors

VXPRO parking sensors are ultrasonic proximity detectors that measure the distances to nearby objects. Over 30 replacement part numbers are available in the range.


ELTA VXPRO - Window Lift Regulators

Power Up with VXPRO Window Lift Regulators

VXPRO Window Lift Regulators have been developed in conjunction with selected car manufacturers to provide the highest quality components combined with outstanding value for money.

The range includes mechanisms, motors and complete kits, so whatever the diagnosis, VXPRO has the perfect solution.

An impressive 1950+ part numbers covering in excess of 50,000 applications for over 30,000,000 vehicles on the road, specifically tailored to the UK automotive aftermarket.