The fundamentals of the internal combustion engine may have remained unchanged since the first cars arrived on our roads in the late 1800’s but the refinement and technology surrounding engine management has become increasingly sophisticated.

Today, traditional mechanics and modern electronics work side by side in our vehicles to meet the demand for higher performance yet cleaner and more efficient engines. To achieve this, modern engines utilise an array of switches and sensors that communicate with the Engine Control Unit to constantly monitor and adjust a host of parameters including engine timing, air/fuel ratio, temperature and emissions to name just a few.

The ELTA Engine Management range has been tuned to meet the demands of the independent automotive aftermarket. It delivers a full engine management programme from airflow sensors, through to engine and exhaust sensors to offer customers a complete range from a choice of brands with trusted reliability, outstanding support and guaranteed performance.

ELTA Automotive delivers engine management components from several brands including VXPRO, and Xevo brand. Application data is available online 24/7 from TecDoc, AutoCat+ and Aldoc. Full application data and listings can also be accessed from our Online Catalogue.

ELTA Engine Management Components

Vehicle Performance Guarantee

All VXPRO and Xevo branded components are tested to ensure operation within the manufacturer’s original parameters, guaranteeing that there will be no change to the vehicles original performance.

OE Matching Performance

VXPRO and Xevo components deliver original equipment matching performance combined with added value from sensible pricing and additional support services from ELTA Automotive.

TechASSIST Support

ELTA’s TechASSIST program is available for VXPRO and Xevo retailers and distributors looking to increase their product knowledge and improve their levels of customer support. ELTA are proud to support independent businesses for a better aftermarket.

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