The comprehensive range of ELTA Air Mass Meters (also known as Mass Airflow Sensors) includes over 270 parts, covering in excess of 5100 applications for over 16 million vehicles on the road. All are manufactured to the highest standards to deliver premium quality and original equipment matching performance at outstanding value. A 3-5 year warranty (depending on your chosen brand) is included for complete peace of mind.

Air Mass Meters have been installed in vehicles for more than a decade and are now one of the most important components in engine management. Typically, if the Air Mass Meter fails, the vehicle will not function.

An air mass meter measures the amount of air being supplied to the engine to ensure smooth and fuel efficient operation. Due to increasingly demanding requirements of environmental regulation, Air Mass Meters have become very precise and extremely sensitive. A faulty or soiled Air Mass Meter may supply incorrect signals to the ECU resulting in a multitude of errors.

The demands put on Air Mass Meters have also increased in recent years, particularly with turbo diesel applications where air pressure and speed is significantly higher.

Air Mass Meters

All ELTA Air Mass Meters are tested in-house using our new and improved AMM test machine. Air is blown through the sensors to replicate the RPM range of a vehicle. Both digital and analogue AMMs undergo specific testing and then compared to Original Equipment standards to ensure the highest quality.

Analysing AMM Test Results:
Below are typical examples of AMM test results showing a pass and a fail.


Air Mass Meters - Test Fail


Air Mass Meters - Test Pass