The comprehensive range of ELTA Camshaft and Crankshaft Sensors (also known as Engine Speed Sensors) includes over 520 parts, covering in excess of 11,800 applications for over 43 million vehicles on the road.

All are manufactured to the highest standards and are 100% tested to ensure operation within the manufacturer’s original parameters before being sealed into magnetically shielded bags for complete protection.

A 3-5 year warranty covers all Camshaft and Crankshaft Sensors (depending on chosen brand) for complete peace of mind.

VXPRO and Xevo Camshaft and Crankshaft Sensors feature QR codes on the box label, providing a quick link to product specific fitting and technical advice before opening the box.

Crankshaft Sensors

The Camshaft Sensor monitors the positions of the camshaft to allow for correct ignition timing. The Crankshaft Sensor detects the position of the crankshaft allowing the ECU to calculate its position in relation to the pistons in the engine. There are two main types of sensor:

Inductive Sensor
Inductive sensors use a magnet and coil to detect the teeth of the gear. As they pass, the magnetic field changes and the coil voltage is induced. This is output as a waveform signal (~AC)

Hall Effect Sensor
Hall effect sensors do not use a coil and instead of an analogue AC signal they create a digital signal. Either on or off, as the teeth pass the sensor.This can be seen in the diagram below.