The ELTA range of fuel pumps and components includes:

In-line Pumps
In-tank Pumps
Swirl Pots
Fuel Delivery Modules
Tank Sender Units
Universal Fuel Pumps

The comprehensive programme delivers over 220 fuelling components covering 561 applications for 3.25 million vehicles on the road.

Fuel Delivery Modules

The latest addition to the ELTA fuel pump and components range are Fuel Delivery Modules. The fuel delivery module is essentially a combined in tank fuel pump and level sensor. The unit contains a motorised pump, pump controller and fuel level sensor. The fuel pump controller communicates with the vehicles ECU and operates the fuel pump to deliver fuel along fuel lines to the engine on demand. Fuel levels are also communicated to the ECU as the float attached to the fuel level sensor rises and falls.

ELTA fuel pumps and components are available from VXPRO and Xevo brands. All ELTA fuelling components are covered by a 3-5 year warranty for complete peace of mind and hassle-free returns. Full application data is available online from MAM, Aldoc and TecDoc to help you source the component you need.

Fuel Pumps and Components