Lucas Bulbs Wiper Blades and Switchgear

You know the name. You know the colour.

ELTA Automotive are proud to be the official Lucas Licensee for Driving Vision and Switchgear throughout the UK and Europe.

Lucas' famous green boxes have been a familiar feature of garages across the globe for decades. That’s because Lucas have always provided the parts that mechanics trust and keep close at hand to get the job done. It’s still true today. The Lucas portfolio covers premium quality products for automotive, motorcycle and home use.

Lucas products are driven by engineering excellence and a spirit of innovation that’s ensured our continued global success. The brand's reputation is built on an extensive range, exceptional technical durability and endurance, and outstanding quality.

Lucas have been providing all this for over 140 years – and we’re still growing. That’s why the brand has been continuously trading longer than any other automotive component brand in the world.


Automotive Bulbs

The Lucas range of Automotive Bulbs offers over 600 references covering cars, motorcycles, light and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. With over a century of experience, we can make sure that every bulb, from the smallest tachograph to the latest xenon headlamp, is made to exacting standards using premium quality materials to ensure both high performance and reliability.

ELTA continue to extend the Lucas portfolio of 6v, 12v, 24v and 48v Bulbs to serve both new and classic cars. For unrivalled experience, outstanding quality, and exceptional coverage in auto headlights, Trust Lucas.

Wiper Blades

Lucas offer a comprehensive range of quality windscreen Wiper Blades, from conventional wipers to modern flat and new hybrid styles, which combine the aerodynamic performance of a flat blade with the wiping performance of a conventional one. That’s because we’ve developed our technology continuously to adapt to the changing styles of modern vehicles, from curvature of windscreens to aerodynamic design.

The Lucas Wiper Blade range covers all levels of the marketplace. Whatever the application, Lucas can offer a solution that meets both customer requirements and budget.


With 60 years of experience and many thousands of satisfied customers, we know what it takes to produce a Switchgear range that meets every need – and we deliver it.

The Lucas Switchgear programme comprises five key product groups, which together offer the global aftermarket one of the most comprehensive range of classic and contemporary switchgear available. Battery Master Switches, Column Switches, Ignition Switches, Panel Switches and Relays, Flashers and Solenoids come together to deliver one of the industry's most comprehensive ranges from an iconic brand.