New To Range: H18 & H19

H18 and H19 Halogen Bulbs

Introducing H18 & H19

The latest generation of Halogen bulbs may look almost identical to traditional H4 and H7 variants, but they are in-fact very different.

The higher luminous flux of H18 and H19 allows for smaller and more rectangular headlight units to be used whilst maintaining or improving light output compared to their H4 and H7 counterparts. ECE Regulation 37 states H18 bulbs should produce 1700 Lumens (±8%) and H19 1750/1200 Lumens (±10%) at 13.2 Volts.

They will be used by manufacturers who are designing vehicles with small modern LED headlamps. LED sized halogen headlights can then be used on base models to reduce costs for drivers not opting for the premium LED upgrade.


H18 H19 Specification