NEW VisionPRO Vehicle Inspection Lamps

VisionPRO 500 Lumen Vehicle Inspection Lamps

VisionPRO 300 Lumen Slim Vehicle Inspection Lamps

VisionPRO 300 Lumen Vehicle Inspection Lamps

Bright, Tough & Agile

Combining expertise in Automotive electronics and lighting, we have developed a stunning new range of vehicle inspection lighting under the VisionPRO brand.

Working alongside an extensive customer base we identified a desire in the automotive aftermarket for a no-nonsense, sensibly priced inspection lamp. Our team were also sure to meet a list of ‘must-haves’ from customers in the new products including:

Versatile Light
The ability to flood the engine bay, wheel arch or underside of the vehicle with light is essential to create a safe and efficient working environment. The front COB LED light source of VisionPRO inspection lamps does that with ease and to up to 500 lumens of illumination power. The lamps also feature a top LED with a focussed beam of light to reach deeper, darker areas for inspection.

Agile Mounting
Effectively and securely positioning an inspection light can be tricky, so VisionPRO lamps feature both a swivel hook for hanging and a magnetic base to mount on any panel. The rotating design then allows users to angle the beam and achieve perfect hands-free illumination.

Robust Design
VisionPRO lamps are built to withstand the bumps, knocks and drops of any busy working garage environment. With a solid outer case and sealed ports, simply dust off, wipe down and recharge over and over again.

Lithium-ion Power
An integrated Li-ion battery with USB recharge means no more hunting for batteries or being tethered to the mains. Simply recharge when not in use from any powered USB source or use the supplied USB mains adaptor.

Three is the magic number
We have deliberately kept the range small and concise. The range centres around the flagship VisionPRO 500L with the compact VisionPRO 300L and the ultra slim VisionPRO 300Ls in support. This simple offering allows the customer to quickly and easily identify the best fit for their own needs.