The ELTA Switchgear programme offers replacement switches and electrical components for a vast range of passenger, agricultural and commercial vehicles.

The range covers numerous applications, notably focusing on the classic era under the Lucas brand. The parts range from integral electrical engine components to mechanical parts including Relays, Flasher Units, Ignition Switches, Column Switches, Solenoids, Battery Isolators, Panel Switches and more.

ELTA is proud to be the official Lucas Licensee for switchgear throughout the UK and Europe. With 135 years of experience and many thousands of satisfied customers, Lucas know what it takes to produce a Switchgear range that meets every need – and ELTA deliver it.

The Lucas range covers numerous applications, notably focusing on the classic era. A Lucas switch can be fitted with the confidence that it is manufactured to the highest standards, to Original Equipment specification and able to withstand the toughest of operating environments. That is why the Lucas programme is the first choice for classic car enthusiasts and off-road vehicle specialists throughout the world.

From enquiry to delivery, ELTA's experts will engage with the customer to ensure goods are delivered on time and within budget.

Switchgear - Relay and Column Switch