Update Your MAM AutoCat Supplier Preferences

update MAMA AutoCat Preferences

Are you seeing the complete ELTA offering?

ELTA Automotive deliver one of the most comprehensive product portfolios in the automotive aftermarket and it's growing every day. Whether you're an ELTA, Xevo, QLUX or Lucas customer we highly recommend setting ELTA as a chosen supplier in your MAM AutoCat preferences. Our ELTA VXPRO and VisionPRO ranges offer every product available from ELTA Automotive so you'll see a wider range of products from a one supplier. In this quick guide we'll show you how to update your AutoCat supplier preferences so that you can take advantage of our huge range and sensible prices.

Updating your AutoCat Preferred Suppliers – Video Guide

Step-by-Step Pictorial Guide

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It’s that simple…

Once you're set up you will see all ELTA products returned when searching including the latest in demand additions like heater blower motor resistors to compliment our ever growing engine management, ignition, drive sensor, window regulator, switchgear, classic, mirror, beacon, bulb and wiper blade ranges.