Vehicle Profile: Audi A1 2010-2015 1.6 105 BHP

Audi A1 2010-2015 1.6 105BHP

The Audi A1 supermini launched in 2010 and has become a popular choice with young urban buyers. This generation of the A1 sold almost 100,000 vehicles every year in Europe. Most of these 2010-2015 vehicles will now be out of warranty and are being serviced by the independent aftermarket.

With the combined power of VXPRO and VisionPRO; ELTA boasts diverse and extensive parts coverage for this pint-sized performer. Here are just some of the Sense, Control and Driving Vision products on offer. Full listings can be found on TecDoc, Aldoc and MAM Autocat.

Audi A1 EGR Valve

Audi A1 Pressure valve

Audi A1 Indicator

Audi A1 D8S Xenon Lamp

Audi A1 Exhaust Pressure Sensor

Audi A1 Window Lift Regulators

Audi A1 Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor

Audi A1 Brake Disc Shield

Audi A1 Oil Pressure Switch

Audi A1 ABS Sensor

Audi A1 Mirror Glass

Audi A1 Throttle Body

Audi A1 Wiper Blades

Audi A1 Coolant Temperature Sensor

Audi A1 Reverse Light Switch

Audi A1 Camshaft Sensor

Audi A1 Rear Wiper and Arm

Audi A1 EGTS

Audi A1 Mirror Indicator

Audi A1 Pressure Converter Turbo

VXPRO and VisionPRO See Sense

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