VisionPRO Upgrade Bulbs Now in Stock

ELTA VisionPRO 150% brighter upgrade halogen bulb

The all new range of VisionPRO upgrade bulbs is now in stock and ready to ship from ELTA Automotive. The new packaging looks simply stunning and is sure to boost sales for retailers, factors and workshops throughout the upcoming lighting season.

ELTA VisionPRO performance upgrades give drivers a concise but effective range of performance bulbs to improve vision, to change the look of their car or to stand out from the crowd.

For drivers concerned with the brightness of their headlights, +50% and +150% provide two levels of upgrade at distinct price points to suit any budget. Some drivers are unhappy with the yellow colour of their headlights, probably as a result of the enviable crisp white or blue tints provided by the HID headlights seen on premium vehicles. In this case Blue upgrades provide a crisp blue tint without the need for expensive HID upgrade kits or wiring changes. Meanwhile, Blue+ offers a crisp white-blue light similar to HID, paired with a 50% increase in brightness for drivers looking for the best of both worlds.

HID upgrades are also available, boasting higher colour temperatures of 6000k or 7000k for ultimate style and performance.

For more information see the ELTA VisionPRO Upgrade Bulb page on our website.