ELTA Brake Pad Wear Sensors

The brake pad wear sensor is a simple component that plays a critical role in vehicle safety.

There are numerous factors that affect how quickly brake pads wear. Variables such as driving style, road conditions, what kind of roads are generally used and at what speeds they are travelled, as well as pad and disc compounds all make it difficult to predict the lifespan of the brake pad.

Due to the importance of their reliability and accuracy, brake pad wear sensors should be inspected regularly and changed if there are any signs of damage to the clips or wiring. They should also be replaced as a matter of course, every time the brake pads are changed and, as they are a relatively inexpensive component, it makes perfect sense to replace them whilst work is carried out on the vehicle’s brakes.

On completion of the pad/sensor replacement, technicians need to remember to reset the brake life service indicator before undertaking a test drive.

Through its rapidly expanding VXPRO range, ELTA Automotive offers a comprehensive range of 157 brake wear sensors, covering more than 2,500 applications for in excess of 11.8 million vehicles. Each is naturally designed and engineered to meet the specific demands of aftermarket professionals for original equipment matching performance.

The UK’s most popular sensor is for the Mercedes Sprinter and Vito (VXPRO part number EA5020), followed by the Mercedes A-Class, C-Class and S-Class (EA5025).

All VXPRO products are tested to ensure they operate within the manufacturer’s original parameters, therefore guaranteeing that there will be no change to the vehicle’s original performance following the installation of the part.

In addition, the range also features QR codes on the packaging, enabling installers to access a quick link to product specific fitting and technical advice, without having to open the box.