Xevo Sense and Control

In a rapidly changing environment, evolution is key to success. Xevo delivers a complete range of vehicle management components perfectly tuned to meet the demands of the independent aftermarket. Xevo not only provides original equipment matching quality at incredibly competitive prices; it is supported by invaluable training and support to help your business to compete, thrive and evolve. Xevo levels the playing field, helping the independent aftermarket compete with main dealer servicing and repair. Original equipment matching replacements at  sensible prices is just the beginning. A market leading five-year warranty and free TechAssist training makes perfect sense. Are you ready to evolve with Xevo?

100% Tested & Sealed
Every Xevo component is designed and manufactured to exacting standards, undergoing meticulous testing procedures before being sealed into magnetically shielded packaging.

TecDoc and AutoCat+ Catalogued
Xevo application data is available 24/7 via TecDoc and AutoCat+ delivering the information you need in an instant. Fast, efficient, electronic ordering is also available for distributors.

Up to 5 Year Warranty
Non-consumable Xevo components are backed by a market leading five-year no-quibble warranty for complete peace of mind. Ask your distributor for more information.

Technical Support and Training
Technical information is available for every Xevo part via the QR code on the product label. Telephone support is always on hand and our mobile TechAssist service provides real benefits for both distributors and installers.

Xevo Engine Sense and Control

Engine Sense and Control

Cam / Crankshaft Sensors,
Knock Sensors,
Ignition Coils,
Temperature Sensors...

Xevo Airflow Components - Air Mass Meters

Airflow Sense and Control

Air Mass Meters (MAFS),
Throttle Bodies,
Throttle Position Sensors,
Idle Air Control Valves...

Xevo Exhaust Sense and Control - EGR Valves

Exhaust Sense and Control

Fuel Sender Modules,
Fuel Pumps,
Fuel Level Sensors,
Diesel Fueling Components...

XEVO Drive Sense and Control - ABS Sensors

Drive Sense and Control

ABS (Wheel Speed) Sensors,
Brake Wear Sensors,
Proximity Sensors,
Steering Angle Sensors...

Xevo Fuel Pumps

Fuelling Sense and Control

Fuel Sender Modules,
Fuel Pumps,
Fuel Level Sensors,
Diesel Fueling Components...

Xevo Switches and Sensors

Auxiliary Sense and Control

Brake Light Switches,
Reverse Light Switches,
Radiator Fan Switches,
Door Light Switches...